About GIVIT Kids

Where kind kids give all kinds of things

GIVIT Kids, launched by GIVIT, is an online portal providing a fun and safe way for children to give new or pre-loved belongings to meet the urgent material needs of Australian families and children. GIVIT Kids aims to engage kids in giving and help develop a philanthropic culture in young Australians.

The GIVIT Kids website enables children to give safely and anonymously to impoverished, isolated and marginalized Australians. On the GIVIT Kids List, registered charities request urgently required items such as school uniforms, books, sports and musical equipment for Australians in need, with a strong focus on children in need.

GIVIT Kids was “born” when GIVIT CEO, Juliette Wright, heard shocking statistics relating to childhood poverty which indicated one in six Australian children are living at or below the poverty line, according to the Salvation Army National Economic and Social Impact Survey, 2013.

GIVIT Kids is also working with the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) to integrate GIVIT Kids into the Years 3, 5 and 6 Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum. Lesson plans, videos and animations have been developed to assist teachers in engaging students with their community, encouraging tolerance and empathy, helping develop research and fundraising skills as well build lasting connections within their local community. These lesson plans, videos and animations are now available in the GIVIT Kids Learning Centre.


GIVIT is an online not-for-profit connecting those who have with those who need. GIVIT’s vision is to ensure quality goods get to where they are needed most by safely connecting and inspiring an online network of givers. GIVIT currently supports more than 900 of Australia’s most trusted charities by sourcing quality urgently needed items direct from the public. These charities include, but are not limited to, domestic violence shelters, homelessness networks, child safety charities, youth at risk agencies and many others. Since GIVIT was established in 2009, more than 100,000 urgent requests for goods and services have been matched with the resources of community and corporate donors. GIVIT was founded by Juliette Wright and is run predominantly by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Above all, GIVIT aims to preserve the dignity and promote the well-being of GIVIT recipients. It strictly adheres to our Privacy Policy, ensuring the anonymity of the recipients is preserved. GIVIT is also endorsed by the Queensland Government to partner with the Australian Red Cross in Disaster Recovery.